In our emergency room, we provide 7/24 services with our emergency staff of 3 emergency medicine doctors and 7 emergency medicine technicians.

There are 4-bed observation room, 1 intervention room and 1 CPR room in our Emergency Room.

It serves together with our on-call specialist physician staff in the main branches.

The Importance of the Emergency Room Unit

It is a fact that, considering all the services in a hospital, the most complicated place for the operation of the hospital is the emergency room. This complexity naturally brings with it the fact that Emergency Rooms are one of the most active places. Therefore, Emergency Rooms are the indispensable parts of a hospital. We can even say that ER is the showcase of the hospital. Our hospital, which is aware of the importance of the Emergency Room, has become an reputable Emergency Service in Istanbul in the field of Emergency Medical Service, outside the region where it is located, which has managed to make itself known in the field of health with the works carried out and quality services since its establishment.

There is something real in this success; it is not a coincide. We organize regular on-the-job training meetings with the high sense of responsibility to ensure the continuity of this success, and our approach makes us to maintain our success as well sets a model for many hospitals in Turkey.

When we review the statistical data provided by the World Health Organization and Turkey, it can be seen that rate of patients who applied to Private Rumeli Hospital Emergency Department as Emergency Patient incidence appears to be too high. What really makes us proud is that the vital rates of treatment are considerably high. This achievement is originated from the mission of our hospital from the past and dedicated and quality works of our Emergency Room team, as well as continuous in-service training.

We are at your service 7/24

We have specialist physicians who have a voice in their field of expertise and who support our Emergency Room team 24 hours a day. Considering the importance of evaluation and intervention at the level of specialist physician for patients, the importance of the service provided will be better understood.

Apart from all these, one of the most important difficulties of providing service in the Emergency Rooms that every patient applying to the Emergency Room is in emergency condition, and the more challenging thing is every patient and patient relative believes that the most Emergency patient is their patient amongst others.

As the Emergency Room team of the Private Rumeli Hospital, we have committed ourselves to provide healthcare services that combine quality and balanced service and patient satisfaction is at the forefront.

Everyone working in our hospital’s Emergency Room, from the doctor to the staff, has this understanding and behavioral skills. As the Private Rumeli Hospital Emergency Room team, we are honored and proud to treat each of our patients as our own relatives …