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Patient Information Guide

Doctors and Nurses: Our doctors will be taking care of you until your treatment process is completed. A physician will visit you twice a day. One or more doctors may take care of you if your doctor deems it appropriate and within the scope of the treatment. Our nurses always take care of you, and note important developments and symptoms in your health, ensure your personal hygiene, control your pain and inform you about how to protect your health.

Nurse Call System: We have a call system in two different areas that will allow our nurses to reach you when you need them. Pressing the red button on the handhold control on the head of your bed or the red button on the toilet and bathroom, will be sufficient for our nurses to hear your call.

The Team Responsible for your Care: All of our hospital staff will carry their name, picture, department and duty ID cards on them so that you can get to know the medical and administrative team responsible for your care during your stay in our hospital.

On the first visit to our hospital, our patient admissions staff will welcome you and take your identification information. After being guided to your treatment room with our counselor, your nurse will give you a bracelet your name written on it in suitable color. You should not take this bracelet off until you are discharged from hospital for the sake of your health and safety.

Medical Records: All your records are stored in computer environment. The security and confidentiality of the records are important to us and they are not shared with anyone else.

Informing the Relatives of the Patient Undergone a Surgical Operation: Patients’ relatives can follow the information about their patients in the operating room from the screen available in the operating room’s waiting room. You can learn detailed information about your patient after surgery from your doctor.

Personal Belongings: Do not leave your bags, wallets and valuables unattended; Our hospital does not accept responsibility in case of loss. You can use the cabinets in your room for all your personal belongings.

Housekeeping: Bed linen of our patients and companions is changed regularly every day; room, bathroom and toilet cleaning is done twice a day and more frequently if necessary by the service assistants.

Catering: It is not appropriate to bring food from outside for your patient. Diets of patients are determined by your doctor and dietitian. Food service to the patient rooms is provided by our hostess.

Food service hours for inpatients and accompanying persons:

Cafeteria Service: Cafeteria of our hospital, which allows our guests to receive food and beverage services in a comfortable environment, is located on the ground floor. The cafeteria and room service are available every day between 07:00 and 22:00. Cafeteria Internal Tel: 1027

Parking Service: Free parking is available 24 hours a day. We kindly request that visitors and accompanying persons do not park their vehicles in front of the hospital.

Masjid (prayer Room) Service: In order to make yo able to fulfill your religious duties, There is a masjid on the floor -1.

Security: Security services are available 24 hours a day in our hospital and you can contact the night administrative supervisor when needed.

Your Complaints and Suggestions: If you have complaints, suggestions and appreciation to a person from our hospital or administrative or medical team, you can contact the patient relations officer on the phone number 1514, or face-to-face, you may express your thoughts in writing and leave them to our patient relations unit or fill the satisfaction surveys on the floors. You can always forward your opinions, which are important to us in providing better services, to the patient relations officer.

Patient Rights

Everyone who applies to the Health Institution to receive health services has right to;

Responsibilities of the Patient and Patient Relatives