Medical Treatment

The vast majority of stones up to 5 mm can be passed with the given pain reliever, antispasmodic drug treatment and abundant fluid intake. The larger the size of the stone, the less likely to pass without intervention.

ESWL (Stone breaking with shock waves from outside the body)

The shock waves created outside the body are focused on the stone and the stone is divided into small pieces during treatment. These parts are then expected to be excreted in the urine. It can take days, sometimes even weeks, to pass stone particles after ESWL. Patients may feel pain in this process.

Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy (PNL)

It is a current method applied when the stone in the kidney is larger than 2 cm or when it cannot be broken with ESWL. Under general anesthesia, the stones are removed as a whole or broken and taken out of the same path by entering the kidney through a path created through a 1 cm incision in the waist region.


In case the stones in the ureter channel do not pass or cannot be broken with ESWL, they can be treated by entering them through the urethra with the help of tools called ureteroscope. The stones are treated by breaking through the Holmium laser or pneumatic stone breaker by passing the external urinary tract and bladder with rigid, i.e., hard re teroscopes, and entering the ureter. Stones in the ureter can be treated with these ureteroscopes. Flexible urethroscopes can be rotated at various angles so stones in both the upper ureter and the kidney can be treated.

All kinds of endoscopic, laparoscopic, open urological interventions have been successfully applied in our hospital for a long time. Among these, kidney stone treatment is one of the most performed procedures. Our hospital’s urology department has gained a local reputation especially in this regard.

Our percutaneous rigid and flexible ureteroscopic stone treatment experience is ath esame level of Turkey’s most reputable hospitals. Holmium laser, which is the most modern and effective stone breaking device in endoscopic stone treatment, is also available among our equipment perk.