Graphics of All Body Parts
are the images of body’s various tissues and organs taken for the purpose of pre-screening by using x-ray techniques.

Magnetic Resonance (MR)
Magnetic resonance is a method of taking images from the body through radio frequencies.

Ultrasonography (USG)
is an imaging method using sound waves.

Color Doppler (RDUS)
Doppler device reveals the vascular network of the body, the circulation of blood in the vessels, the adequacy of circulation and the speed of blood flow.

Computerized Tomography
is an imaging method that shows various parts of the body in detail in thin sections.

Digital Mammography
is recommended annually for women over the age of 40. Mammography saves lives with early diagnosis of breast cancer.

PACSE system enable our doctors to view and interpret the images obtained with X-ray, MR, Tomography taken in our hospital by reviewing inside or outside the hospital.